Who we are
The 2017 Campaign was the one that genuinely initiated our campaign when Teams like the four oarsmen and Swiss Mocean battled it out within record-shattering 29+ days.
For Mat, it was the ultimate challenge, a mix between doing something extraordinary while focusing full-heartedly on a charitable cause.

Like with all great dreams, you need the right puzzle pieces to fall into place. For our Team Praetoarian these pieces came in the form of Ben and our fantastic employer Peerfit.
Ben, a genuine Texan with the attitude, to not let excuses get into the way, and never give up on what you started was the perfect partner for Mat.
With Make-A-Wish Central and Northern Florida, we have indeed found our best match for a cause to support.
Our wish has come true, let's make sure together that more will be fulfilled

Ben Odom

The Texan within the Team, Powerhouse of the Team

Age: 42

Height: 190cm

Weight: 102kg

Location: Kyle, TX USA

Hometown: Angleton, TX USA

Raising funds for: Just as I want to be able to chase my dreams, I want to help Make-A-Wish Central and Northern Florida with their mission of making the dreams of children with life-threatening illnesses come to life.

Rowing experience: Currently rowing at the Austin Rowing Club in Texas under the direction of Patrick Kelly and Jacksonville Rowing club in Florida under the direction of Mark Frampton.

Endurance experience: I am a fan of endurance cycling.  Some of my favorite rides include The Hotter’N Hell Hundred, The Katy Flatlands 100, and the LIVESTRONG Challenge.  I have also been convinced to join friends on several Full Tough Mudders across Texas.

Best sporting moment: Running through the Brazos Bend State Park with my wife in a full rainstorm during the Brazos Bend 50 Trail Run… dodging alligators and lightning bolts was quite the memory!

Worst moment: Being struck by a lengthy illness at age 19 was tough, and it prevented me from serving a full two years as a Mormon missionary in Guatemala at a time when that meant everything to me.  That was such a tough time, but my good friends and family helped me pull through that with my sanity and sense of humor intact.  Eventually, a full recovery gave me a new-found appreciation for health and drives me to push harder to this day.

Biggest fear for the row: My biggest fear is not being able to finish for reasons outside of my control.  I am motivated to make it to Antigua as quickly as we can, for my partner, and for the dream kids who inspire our row.

Reason for the row: I am excited for the opportunity to challenge myself physically, mentally, and spiritually, in ways I’ve never been tested before.  That I can engage in this endeavor and raise awareness for the mission of Make-a-Wish Foundation is a dream come true.

Most missed item at sea will be: Mi amorcita.

Mat Steinlin

The Floridian within the Team, Strategist of the Team

Age: 40

Height: 186cm

Weight: 105kg

Location: Jacksonville, Florida

Hometown: Rebstein, Switzerland

Raising funds for: To make a difference and make life meaningful. Make-A-Wish Central and Northern Florida is an organization which strives to change destiny against all the odds.

Rowing experience: Currently rowing at the Jacksonville Rowing Club in Florida under the direction of Mark Frampton.

Endurance experience: Double Spartan Trifecta completed in 2018

Best sporting moment: Any moment which felt like I am done, and I am ready to quit, but I kept on pushing through it.

Worst moment: When I had to look at my kid’s face and tell them that her mom and I go separate ways. My biggest defeat and failure.

Biggest fear for the row: Getting lost at sea and end up in Madagascar

Reason for the row: This race has been a long dream of mine. Changing the world, making an impact while pushing yourself beyond your comfort zone, what is better than that.

Most missed item at sea will be: Family and Friends.